OK, I’m sold!  How can I get my own custom illustration?
(for complete details go to the “ordering process” page)
It’s really very straightforward…
Fill out and submit the order form.
Within 48 hours I will send you an invoice with the full quote.  I'll start drawing as soon as I have received your payment equal to ½ of the quote.
When you have approved the final draft and sent the 2nd half of the quote, I will send you your finished masterpiece! 

What may I do with a print?
You can display it however you wish!  Frame it, hang it on your fridge, show it off to your family, friends, neighbors, coworkers…  It would also make a great gift!
You may NOT copy the print or apply the picture to other items. 
In addition to the print, you will receive a watermarked copy as a digital file.  You may share this online via e-mail, on your blog, or on Facebook. 

If I order a print, what happens to the original?
I will retain the digital and sketched original.  If you decide you’d like more copies of a previous order, I will provide them at a reduced price, starting at $10 each.  At that time you can ask for additional services, such as coloring it in ($15 fee applies) or resizing it.  You can also still elect to purchase the copyright, enabling you to use it however you want. 

How much will it cost?
Refer to the “pricing” page for general prices.  After we establish the details of your order, I’ll give you an official quote.  If you are ordering a print, there will also be the cost of shipping. 

How will payment work?
After I receive your completed order form, I will send you an invoice with a quote for the complete project.  Before I can begin work, I need to receive ½ of the quoted price.
Anyone can pay via PayPal.  If you mail me a check, I will send you your picture after the check clears. 
If you live in the Montgomery area you can pay me directly by cash or check.   

How much do re-prints cost?
Re-prints start at $10, depending on size. 

How long will it take?
This depends on the complexity of the order, communication, and whether you ask for revisions.  I will strive to complete orders within a month from receiving the first payment, due before I begin drawing.  Simple projects may take as little as a week.  

Do you have a waiting list?
Yes, your name and initial project request will be added to the list in the order that I receive it.  I will let you know whether or not your order is after #10 at that time.
When your name is in the top 10, I’ll contact you and continue the ordering process.  If I have not received payment within 3 days after providing you with a quote, I will move on to the next person on the waiting list. 

Can I place an order to be printed on an item, such as a T-shirt, mug, tie, etc..?
Not at this time.  You can purchase the full copyright (starting at $50) and use the high quality picture file to order from custom printing sites, such as Cafepress.com or Vistaprint.com.

What does “copyright release” mean?
There are 2 copyright release options:
1.  Partial release (starting at $20) – this applies to graphics intended for a greeting card.  You will receive a digital file with the agreement that the graphic is only to be used for that card.
2.  Full Copyright release (starting at $50) - You can use the picture however you want (make copies, print it on items, use it on stationary, etc).  Please give credit where it’s due.
I retain the original and reserve the freedom to use it on my website, portfolio and in advertising. 

Will I receive a proof?
Yes, I will send you 2 rough drafts to choose from.  I will polish up and adjust your favorite according to your specifications.  When it’s complete I will e-mail you a watermarked digital file for your approval.  The quote includes up to 2 revisions.  When you are happy with your illustration and I have received your final payment, I will send you your final product. 

Can I order it framed?
Not at this time.  Your illustration will be safely tucked in a sheet protector, and shipped in durable document packaging.

Do you do special orders?
I love a challenge!  If you have something unique in mind, please pitch the idea to me.  I will give you an honest response about whether I can tackle it at that time.  If you live in the Montgomery, AL area I can also do fun stuff like murals. 

Do you guarantee your work?
I am committed to making you happy!  I include up to 2 revisions in every quote, ensuring that I can produce a piece of art that will leave you smiling.  Keep in mind that I will do my best to customize your order, but I’m not a mind reader, so communication is important.

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me using the form on the “contact” page.