Ordering Process

Click HERE to view and fill out the order form.

When I have received your completed order form, I will e-mail you a quote within 48 hours. 

As soon as I receive a down payment of ½ the quoted price, I'll dive into your project!* 

I will draw up 2 rough drafts.  You will get to look over them and decide which one appeals to you most, and also make requests for alterations… or you can just rave about how much you love them both (but still choose one).  Up to 2 alterations are included in the price quote.

When the piece is complete I will send you a watermarked copy for a final overview.

As soon as I receive the remaining payment, I will send you the final, high quality drawing in whatever format was agreed upon (digital file or hard copy print).

Then you can start planning what to have me draw next!

*If I haven't received your payment within 3 days of sending you the quote, I will have to move on to the next client on the waiting list.

– As I receive orders, they will be placed on a waiting list.  Every month I will complete ten projects, starting at the beginning of the month.  In most cases, you will receive your final drawing by the end of the month (very detailed or complex projects may take longer).