Three Main Options

Custom Illustrations:
This is what I love to do most! 


Various details that define the subject(s) are combined into one entertaining picture.  For example, each sport an athlete participates in (pro or peewee), can be represented.  This is a fun option for moms and dads, since their jobs are so complex (cook, chauffer, maid, nurse, mechanic, repairman, etc).
An assortment of interests can be combined as well, such as fairies, storybooks, and cupcakes for a little girl.



Themed Announcement Graphic 

There’s a greeting card for everything from baby and bridal showers to birthday parties to Boys’ Night Out.  The graphic you order could be a likeness of someone in particular (like for birthdays, graduations, wedding and birth announcements, promotions, missing you…) OR you can simply describe the character you would like (a baby girl in a cradle, a boy holding a baseball bat, a blushing bride, a family by a moving truck…)

Have you ever wondered how you would look as a super hero, mermaid or elf?  If you select to do a “Funtasy”, the flood gates of possibilities are swung wide open!  The subject(s) can be rendered as a fun fantasy character or can be set in a fictional setting as themselves.  This is also an option for events that happened and you didn’t have your camera on hand- like crossing the finish line, bloopers, diving after your camera as it falls off the cruise ship’s railing…

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