About the Artist

"I want to be an illustrator."

Way back in 2nd grade, that was my answer to the classic "what-do-you-want-to-be-when-you-grow-up?" question.  While I don't presume to claim that I've "grown up", I've never stopped drawing.  

Creating has been my passion my whole life.  The drive to create is woven into every facet of my life.

Over the years I’ve worn the hat of a college student, retail employee, baby factory, homemaker, family cheerleader, boo-boo kisser, scullery maid, taskmaster (so my kids will tell you)...  But through it all, being an artist remains a key part of my identity.  

My greatest artistic passion has always been touching pencil to paper and watching what started as an idea, spring to life before my eyes.  And few things bring me more fulfillment than presenting a completed creation to the originator of the idea, whether a friend, colleague or someone I’ve never met.

I consider my style traditional, but I’m always driven to push it just a little past what is conventional.  I most enjoy unique projects requiring imagination and subtle elements of fun.